The Sondrestrom Printing Plant


The Sondrestrom Printing Plant where located in Blg. 429 close to Tower and Base Obs.
In the same building, there were also the “Public Distribution Office” (PDO), the NAFMO and RAPCON.
The size of the printing Plant where about 25 m2. It was equipped with one MultiLith Platemaker, one Multilith 2650 1-color offset printing machine and one IBM Typewriter.


The Sondrestrom Chief-Printer (me) in 1984




The platemaker - for the printing plates


The old printing machine 1984




The workload was about 30.000 printed sheets a month and my work hours were 50 hours a week.

  • The typical print jobs were:
  • The monthly Newspaper ”The Sondrestrom Sun
  • The weekly Bulletin from Base Command
  • The weekly Bulletin from Site manager / Danish Arctic Contractors
  • The weekly TV-guide from the local TV AFRTS
  • The weekly Menu from the Mess
  • The Sunday Preach from the church
  • Flight Schedule from SAS
  • Flight Schedule from U. S. Air Force
  • Various documents to the Base Command, the Danish Liaison Office (DLO) and The Danish Arctic Contractors (DAC).


All printed jobs to The Air Force where delivered personally to a Master Sergeant at Headquarter who signed and distributed the printed matter to the “customers”. All other jobs where picked up by the costumers themselves at the printing plant.
In this job I learned to drink coffee and read books.


View from my window in the printing plant. Direction south east, Black Ridge


The Printing Plant Storage room. Paper and printing inks.

Once every two weeks I ”shopped” in Base Supply