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Sondrestrom Air Base is a former United States Air Force base in Greenland.
The base was named after Sondre Stromfjord on the west coast of Greenland.

It was turned over to the Greenland government in 1992 and is now a civilian community and airport, although the USAF operates a small Air National Guard detachment on the former base.


Sondrestrom Air Base was founded on 7 October 1941,

at the east end of Kangerlussuaq fjord, under the supervision of Colonel Bernt Balchen of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF).



Following the fall of Denmark to Germany in World War II, responsibility for the security of Greenland passed to the American military. Military leaders responded by building several bases in Greenland, the largest of which were Bluie West One in Narsarsuaq in southern Greenland and Bluie West Eight, at the Kangerlussuaq fjord.

The base returned briefly to Danish control in 1950, but following mounting concerns about the Cold War threat, a renewed agreement saw the United States reopen Bluie West Eight up under the name of Sondrestrom Air Base on 27 April 1951.

It served as one of the Distant Early Warning Line bases and a supply station for similar early warning facilities. Following the fall of the Soviet Union the usefulness of the base was greatly diminished and the last U.S. Air Force personnel left the base on 30 September 1992.


To run the base facilities in all those years, The U. S. Air Force made contract with the civilian Danish company “Danish Arctic Contractors” (later named Greenland Contractors).

Base Names

  • Established on 20 Oct 1941 and named Bluie West Eight (BW-8)
  • Renamed: Sondrestromfjord Army Air Base, 1945
  • Renamed: Sondrestromfjord Air Base, 25 Oct 1947
  • Renamed: Sondrestrom Air Base, 10 Jan 1952


Base operating units

  • 417th Base HQ & Air Base Squadron, 26 Sep 1942
  • 1385th Army Air Force Base Unit, 1 Oct 1945
  • 1004th Air Base Squadron (redesignated: 1234th Air Base Squadron, 1 Oct 1948), 1 Jun
  • 1948 Greenland Base Command, 21 Jun 1949-9 Oct 1950
  • 6621st Air Base Squadron, 20 Jul 1951
  • 6621st Air Base Group, 25 Sep 1955
  • 4084th Air Base Group, 1 Apr 1957
  • 4684th Air Base Group, 1 Jul 1960—1 Jun 1992
  • 1015th Air Base Squadron, a subordinate unit to the 1012th Air Base Group at Thule, was the unit designation from at least Oct 89 to closing in Sep 92


Major Commands to Which Assigned

  • First United States Army, 15 Jan 1941
  • Eastern Defense Command (U.S. Army), 12 Dec 1942
  • Air Transport Command, 1 Jan 1946
  • Military Air Transport Service, 1 Apr 1948
  • Northeast Air Command, 1-9 Oct 1950; 20 Jul 1951
  • Strategic Air Command, 1 Apr 1957
  • Air Defense (redesignated: Aerospace Defense) Command, 15 Jan 1968
  • Strategic Air Command, 1 Dec 1979-1 Jun 1992
  • Air Force Space Command from at least Oct 89 to Sep 92 closing
    .Note: Base not under United States Control 9 Oct 1950-20 Jul 1951











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I worked as a Pressman/Printer in blg. 429 Printing Plant.

From 7th of March 1984 to 28th of August 1986.

Beside that I was a Taekwondo Instructor at the Base Gym.

I lived in blg. 663 fore some months before I moved to blg. 668.

2 and a half year at Sondy. I had a good time there.

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